Welcome our second newsletter Regljač

Welcome our second newsletter Regljač

Springtime brings warmer temperatures and longer days as nature reawakens after a long winter nap. With the first rain comes the start of amphibian migration from terrestrial habitats to breeding sites, where they breed and lay their eggs. Amphibians on migration frequently have to cross the roads and as result, many become roadkill. Volunteers (Frog patrollers) help amphibians to safely cross the road on several problematic road sections without established permanent amphibian measures and their effort is an important contribution to the conservation of this highly endangered group of animals.

Together with many organizations, associations, volunteers and individuals, we prepared the second annual review of amphibian conservation activities in Slovenia in 2021. In the new issue of Regljač, you can find out how many amphibians were registered by Frog patrollers on 20 locations all over Slovenia, on which road sections the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency is preparing amphibian mitigation measures and where restoration of amphibian water habitats occurred.

Since the beginning of the LIFE AMPHICON project, the Coordination Centre for amphibians in Slovenia received numerous questions related to the organization and participation in the Frog Patrol actions. For this purpose, we prepared recommendations for participants and organizers of Frog patrols. The general public voted for an amphibian of the year on the online survey and you can find the presentation of the selected species in the newsletter Regljač.

You are kindly invited to read the new issue of the e-newsletter REGLJAČ and to vote for the AMPHIBIAN OF THE YEAR 2022.

More information about amphibian spring migrations and the e-newsletter Regljač are available in the PRESS RELEASE.

Photo: Tadeja Smolej