Until the start of the new season of amphibian spring migrations, you can shorten the snowy winter days by reading the third edition of the e-newsletter Regljač, which we prepared within the project LIFE AMPHICON with very positive collaboration with the authors of the articles. 

The coordinators of Frog patrol actions have presented the data and information that they collected with a lot of care in 28 locations in Slovenia and published them in individual articles. Coordinators reported that at least 737 people participated in Frog patrol actions and recorded almost 79.300 live and dead amphibians. In the new edition of Regljač, you can also read many interesting facts and adventures from the Frog patrol actions that happened on the field. You can also join the Frog patrol action in the season 2023 that is taking place near your home.

The Slovenian Infrastructure Agency presented the results of the studies on amphibians and roads performed in 2022. According to the data, contractors conducted amphibian surveys on more than 20 km of national road sections with impact zones. On roads, they recorded more than 6.000 amphibians of eight different species.

In Regljač you can also read about which areas in Slovenia the amphibian surveys took place within different projects and about the results of local amphibian populations. With citizen science and the support of experts, the first Regalnica – the study of the European tree frog (Hyla arborea), was carried out in Slovenian Istria, Brkini and Karst. In the articles, you will find more information about how they established a fish-free zone in the pond Trebče, where they removed invasive species from the ponds and how they performed restoration of water habitats along the Mura river and in the area of The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka.

For the amphibian of the year, the general public selected the species for which we established the first breeding station in Slovenia and Europe. On the first pages of the Regljač, you can find out which amphibian was selected and how the LIFE AMPHICON project team members help to preserve the small, isolated population in Jovsi, which is on the brink of extinction through supportive breeding.

You can also get involved in LIFE AMPHICON activities and contribute to a better knowledge of the distribution of amphibian species and their habitats in Slovenia. You can send us data and photographs of amphibian sightings, and the Coordination centre for amphibians in Slovenia will be happy to help you with species identification. We would also like to thank all of you who are taking part in the citizen science project, in which we have collected 1.056 data and 948 photographs from 356 sites across Slovenia by the end of 2022. We presented the results on the last pages of the Regljač newsletter and BioPortal.

We kindly invite you to read the new issue of the e-newsletter Regljač and to vote for the amphibian of the year 2023.

Photo: LIFE AMPHICON Archive