Last Friday, a new educational trail called the Path to »Mah« (old name for Ljubljansko barje) was ceremoniously opened at the Ljubljansko barje. This is the first of three trails planned as part of the LIFE AMPHICON project. Visitors will be able to explore the natural wonders of this exceptional area along the trail. Special attention is given to amphibians. An outdoor classroom has been established as part of the trail, which will be particularly useful for all budding explorers interested in pond life. Visitors can also enjoy a new bird observatory. The path holds many other surprises, too. The starting point of the trail is in the village of Goričica pod Krimom, near the fire station of PGD Goričica – Prevalje pod Krimom.

The establishment of the trail was carried out in close cooperation between the Public Institute of the Ljubljansko Barje Landscape Park and Brezovica Municipality. They  built the bird observatory and set up the entry point. They did not forget about the youngest visitors, for whom new playground equipment has been prepared. 

The Director of the Ljubljansko barje Landscape park, Janez Kastelic, emphasized the importance of cooperation between the park, the local community, and its residents during the opening of the trail, stating that the trail could not have been established without their collaboration. He thanked everyone for their fruitful cooperation.

Metod Ropret, the Mayor of the Municipality of Brezovica, said that they are aware that well-preserved nature is a privilege, giving the Ljubljansko barje a great potential and value both for visitors and for the people who live there. He hinted that this educational trail is not the only infrastructure improvement for visitors that they are planning.

Suzana Levstek, the project leader of LIFE AMPHICON, highlighted the importance of educational and awareness activities to improve the understanding of challenges in nature conservation, and welcomed the new acquisition.

The trail is accessible on foot or by bicycle, and visitors are advised to reserve at least an hour and a half for the visit. It is suitable for explorers of all ages and offers a unique opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the Ljubljansko barje. The heavy rainfall in recent days has somewhat disrupted the trail’s planning, so visiting is recommended once the water has drained from Barje.

Photo: P. Hladnik, J. Tarman