Loss of aquatic habitats, particularly reproduction habitats, has been recognized as one of the most important threats to amphibian population in the LIFE AMPHICON project area. In order to provide the recovery of population of the yellow-bellied toad, the European fire-bellied toad and the Italian crested newt, numerous new ponds and puddles will be created and several existing ponds will be restored in this concrete conservation action.


New ponds will be created preferably at sites with mineral bottom. The final shape, type and physical attributes of the ponds will be determined on site by an ecological surveyor. New ponds will be created at an appropriate distance from one another to form a network, improving target species breeding sites as well as connectivity and gene flow between sub-populations. Where applicable, locations of new ponds will be selected in proximity to road sections where mitigation measures (tunnels and permanent fences) will be implemented.


In total, 130 new ponds and large puddles will be created in Slovenia (50 in Ljubljansko barje, 40 in Radensko polje, 30 in Bohor and 10 in Jovsi). 30 ponds will be created and restored at Felchowseegebiet in Germany. 3 additional ponds will be restored on Taarup Strand in Nyborg municipality, Denmark.


This action will start at the end of 2020 and will be completed by the end of 2023.