Assessment of projects impact on ecosystem functions will be assessed with the help of monitoring indicators of project sites (A.1, D.1). Additional data on ecosystem recovery will be gathered, such as: overall change in biodiversity of the area. Basic survey of terrestrial and existing water habitats will be prepared, covering plants and different animal groups (water and terrestrial invertebrates, amphibians, bats and birds).


Feedback from tourist service/product providers will be gathered. We will combine desk and field survey (exante/post-action approach). First, we will analyse ex-ante socio-economic condition and quality parameters for monitoring project’s ecosystem impact. In areas of interest, subjects dealing with tourism will be contacted to provide data on strength of local structures/operators/people involved in their activities. During the project interviews with subjects mentioned will be carried out to verify the direct/indirect impact of the project on: employment growth, supplementary income sources, enhancement of i.e. eco-tourism, changes in area profile and viability of the local community, variation in comparison with the ex-ante analysis. Data collected will be analysed and the results will be published in a report.


Monitoring of biodiversity and other ecosystem services is necessary to be able to evaluate the success of the proposed restorations and is also compulsory from EU.