The Coordination Centre for Amphibians (CCA) in Slovenia is “one-stop-shop” for amphibian conservation in Slovenia. The aim is to open more exciting opportunities for networking and capacity building in the field of amphibian conservation, which will result in a general improvement of amphibian populations in Slovenia. The main objective of CCA is to provide information and promote best practice for the conservation of the amphibians, their habitats, migratory routes and road ecology. Through CCA, we want to stimulate the implementation of various measures to minimise the negative impacts of human activities, agriculture and transport systems on herpetofauna and their habitats. Roads often intersect amphibian migratory pathways and on some problematic road sections, we can detect roadkill hotspots.


CKFF is maintaining the national amphibian database for Slovenia, also an important source on amphibian road migrations. Through CCA and BioPortal.si we will further collect publicly available data from citizen science projects as well as random observations by direct contacts with several individuals, societies and nature conservation organisations, all dealing with amphibians and road problem in Slovenia.


Identifying the initial status of the amphibian populations and the threat factors are crucial information for the decision about the best conservation measures for amphibians in the problematic area, which will also ensure the effective protection of the species and their habitats. The planning phase of conservation measures must therefore clearly define the conservation objectives and implement the monitoring of their performance. Only in this way we will ensure the long-term survival of the endangered amphibian populations. For the successful implementation of the action, cooperation with a range of stakeholders and target groups is an important part of the process.


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