55.8 ha of land (35.8 in Slovenia and 20 ha in Germany) will be purchased, 7.3 ha leased and for 0,3 ha compensation payments are foreseen. In Slovenia all land will be purchased/leased by public bodies, after the end of the project the land will remain in public property and will be long term managed by PAMA (KP, KPLB and ZTG) and DRSI. VUO (DE) is already the owner of 300 ha of land, has enough experience and will find the 20 ha of land foreseen. The purchased land will be property of VUO (nature conservation NGO) that will most unlikely dissolute in the future. If that be the case, the purchased land will pass on into the public hand.


In Slovenia land will be purchased in SI3000268 (15 ha), SI3000271 (10 ha) and SI3000171 (10.8 ha). On the latter additional 7,3 ha will be leased. At SI3000274 one-time compensations are foreseen for app 0,3 ha of forest land (C.1). App 640 m2 of the land is foreseen to be purchased for action C.4 (Slovenia) in SI3000271 and SI3000171. In Germany purchase of 20 ha of privately-owned land around N2k Felchowsee is planned.


Land purchased/leased will significantly contribute to improving, maintaining and/or restoring the integrity of the N2k network through direct conservation activities of the project (section C). Land purchase is most cost-effective way of achieving the desired conservation outcomes and is the best choice to assure long term protection and suitable management of the habitats created/restored. With suitable management we will assure less intensive use of land, being one of the biggest threats to amphibians/biodiversity.