Population reinforcement is planned for fire-bellied toad in 3 partner countries: Jovsi (SI3000268), Tårup (DK008X192) and Felchowseegebiet (DE2950302). For Felchowseegebiet the action A.1 will determine if it is needed in the first place, since the situation is presumably more favourable for the species.


In all 3 partner countries we will carry out population reinforcement until actions C.1 and C.2 will improve the habitat and the populations will be able to survive on its own. The technique is already well established in Denmark and Germany; the know-how will be transferred to SI. If restored ponds will not be naturally colonized by the target species due to isolation, 80-90 % of the offspring will be released to the new ponds. 10-20 % of the offspring will be released back to the source ponds to compensate for the egg collection.


Rearing station in Slovenia will be set up by Kozjanski park in Podsreda. In Denmark and Germany the rearing stations are already in place. In Slovenia the last remaining populations of fire-bellied toad have decreased so drastically during the past years that their survival is at stake. In order to prevent the species from going extinct, population reinforcement actions will be undertaken. Without this measure we are afraid to completely loos the remaining fire-bellied toad populations in Jovsi.