As a replication and transfer of project best practice solutions for amphibian conservation, we plan concrete conservation actions for Annex IV HD species (moor frog, agile frog and European tree frog) in Slovenia. Ponds will be created and land habitat will be managed according to species demands. DRSI will install amphibian underpasses and fences in another road location in Slovenia.


The knowledge obtained will be replicated to installation of amphibian tunnels and fences for agile frog in Kozjanski park on the road near Trebče pond, where amphibian info centre (E.3) will be located.


DRSI will follow practical experience from the project, with uptake from international cooperation and networking (E.2), preparation of technical documentation, design (A.2) and building (C.4). DRSI will systematically continue with implementing best practice approach on other road sections. Most problematic roads in Slovenia will be the first in line. Project experience will be transferred to procedures of spatial planning (placement of measures) and designing of new roads, both defining a systematic practice of ensuring road permeability for amphibians.


To improve habitats of agile frog in Trebče site, Kozjanski park and local fishing association Sotla will establish a “fish-free zone” in the pond.


ZTG will create additional ponds for European tree frog and properly manage surrounding terrestrial habitats (removal of Invasive Alien Species) in Natural reserve (NR) Bičje. Krajinski park Ljubljansko barje will create additional ponds for moor frog.


By establishing a best practice in pond creation in combination with awareness raising and networking activities (E), stakeholders (NGOs, land owners, managers of protected areas etc.) are expected to follow the example. Workshops for experts/managers of project areas with moor frog will be organized and in volunteer actions, participants will remove IAS, gain theoretical knowledge, hands-on experience on habitat conservation and opportunity for networking.