The primary project objective is to improve the conservation status of the target species and their habitats.


The secondary project objectives are:

  • to increase the population of the target species and halt the negative trend of the target species conservation status in the project areas;
  • to increase suitable water and terrestrial amphibian habitats; to establish  corridors and stepping stones to connect them in 6 Natura 2000 sites;
  • to improve the habitat connectivity between land and water habitats by reducing amphibian road mortality in project sites and introduce the state-of-the-art amphibian guidance systems in Slovenia;
  • to save small and isolated population of fire-bellied toad (Bombina bombina) in Germany, and Denmark from extinction by increasing the reproductive success by supportive breeding;
  • to improve the conservation status of Annex IV amphibians in the area;
  • to establish an excellent experience exchange platform between Slovenia, Germany and Denmark in the fields of population management and amphibian guidance systems;
  • to build up the capacity of Natura 2000 managers for amphibian conservation and site management;
  • to promote the project actions as examples of good practice and motivate key stakeholders for amphibian conservation in other regions;
  • to increase awareness and acceptance among stakeholders and target groups about amphibian conservation;
  • to bring together three different countries and experience horizons in the field of (amphibian) conservation as a kick-off for a long-lasting partnership and further projects.