Small-scale tourist infrastructure is the cornerstone of successful implementation of hands-on education activities for important target group – (local) pupils, who will become important stakeholders, decision makers (farmers, mayors, teachers etc.) and should be constantly informed about nature conservation activities to become responsible and aware generations also in regard to nature conservation. They represent a significant share of future farmers and agriculture is one of the most important threats to amphibians. It is also essential for dissemination of results and project promotion in local community.


ZTG, KPLB and KP have very limited educational infrastructure, lacking a well-equipped outdoor classroom for school groups and have non of the topics on amphibians. New infrastructure will provide better acceptance of the project in local community in terms of “development,” provide on-site awareness raising and enable locals to spend more quality time in nature. It will also bring a better oportunity for small local tourist business.


In Krajinski park Radensko polje and Krajinski park Ljubljansko barje we will establish educational trails with info boards, interactive modern nature-interpretation models and a wooden outdoorclassroom. In Krajinski park Radensko polje also an observation tower with live-stream camera broadcasting changes of water regimes will be set-up and bridge over the stream.


Info Centre in Kozjanski park will connect conservation of natural and cultural heritage and act as important site for promotion of good practice for amphibian tunnels, mitigation measures for prevention of fish predation on amphibians and rearing station established. The infrastructure  is also important to direct visitors from most vulnerable places thus contributing to objectives of the project – amphibian conservation. Info point in Denmark will educate and raise awareness about fish threats to amphibians to locals and tourists.


For promoting amphibian conservation, we will also arrange workshops and summer camps on amphibian topics for children, lectures about project, results and amphibian conservation for stakeholders and guided tours for variable target groups. We will prepare various learning tools, educational materials, mobile exhibition, amphibian identification key, amphibian tool-box with real size models of amphibians, research kit for teachers, leaflet on project objectives, leaflet on underpasses, amphibian conservation best practice guidelines, calendar, mamory game, map of Krajinski park Radensko polje with information on nature conservation, T-shirts, backpacks, promotional blankets and safety vests.