LIFE AMPHICON CALENDAR 2021 – amphibians and man

LIFE AMPHICON CALENDAR 2021 – amphibians and man

New year is approaching, so as part of the project, we designed and prepared a CALENDAR for 2021. The calendar is designed as an educational material for learning about different species of amphibians in their living environment. At the same time a girl called Amfi is taking part in some of the main project activities, such as the construction of road underpasses and puddles for amphibians.

The purpose of the calendar, however, is not just to present amphibians and activities of the project; it is also about creating a respectful and more positive attitude of people towards amphibians.

Illustrations were created under the brush of the artist Andreja Kramberger and the final image of the calendar was designed by Samo Kramberger.

Photo: Polonca Pulko, Tina Stepišnik